Welcome to Emma's Delights,
home of traditional Belgian chocolates
with a California flair for innovation.

At Emma’s Delights we pride ourselves in handcrafting traditional
Belgian chocolates with a  touch of California innovation.
Besides the traditional and very popular fillings such as caramel,
rich ganaches, and giandujas, ‘Emma’s Delights’ also offers exciting
choices such as chili-spiced mango, almond-apricot filling, almond-
cashew cream and almond-pistachio paste among them.
A choice of chocolate bars, amazing marzipan, and other chocolate
treats rounds out the selection.
Please visit our 'Delights' page for descriptions of our chocolates. 

At Emma’s Delights we specialize in party favors and custom orders.
Please visit our Special Occasions page for more information.
Any special requests or flavors you don't see on our menu? We will
gladly work with you to create your own delights; just go to our  
Contact page or give us a call [408.857.2398] to discuss the

We offer assorted delights in beautiful gift boxes of different sizes.
To order click on our ORDER page or give us a call @ 408.857.2398.

Emma's Delights recently added a gourmet line of Health Bars and
chocolate covered health bar treats. To order our health bars click here.




What our customers are saying...

  • I received a box of 6 and I just had to have one today – the gianduja, and that tempted me to eat the entire box.
    However, daily gratification for six days is better [maybe] than instant gratification for six minutes. We’ll see...  - Bob, Saratoga.
  • Tim and I were happy to discover how well Gianduja paired with a smoky Cabernet and a dried dark cherry. Definitely something to offer to the most demanding customers.    - Antra, Los Gatos.
  • We are in love with the caramel chocolate...yumm! Matt and I agree that it is fabulous and we wanted more....much more! It is definitely my favorite. - Michelle, Saratoga.
  • Your chocolates are out of this world! Just unreal! - Lorraine, Saratoga.


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