Emma's Delights' owner-chocolatière, Trees Emma Martens was born and raised in Belgium and like most Belgians, she grew up with fine chocolates. Her mom was a great cook and a fabulous baker-pâtissière, and from a very young age, Trees spent countless hours helping her mom measuring and mixing ingredients in the family kitchen, and most importantly taking care of the  'quality assurance' of the finished product by tasting it at all the different stages of production. No wonder she claims that crafting chocolates must be engrained in her DNA. 

Trees has been experimenting daily in her own kitchen since her college years. After moving to the Bay area in 1996 with her family, she eagerly included a variety of culinary elements from the many cultures surrounding her into her own recipes. ‘Emma’s Delights’ continues that tradition. 

Besides the traditional and very popular fillings like caramel, rich ganaches, and giandujas, ‘Emma’s Delights’ also offers exciting choices such as chili-spiced mango, almond-apricot filling, and almond-pistachio paste among them. A choice of chocolate bars, amazing marzipan, and chocolate covered treats rounds out the selection.

Emma's Delights recently added a gourmet line of Health Bars and chocolate covered health bar treats. To order our health bars click here.

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Enjoy  our chocolates within 7 to 10 days and store them in an air-tight container in a cool dry place, ideally at 60-65 degrees F, and away from odors. Refrigeration is not recommended, but if that is your only option to keep these delicacies cool, make sure to bring them to room temperature before serving.






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